A project by Studio Toogood

BACK ROOM was a celebration of the ‘post-industrial’ era – the resurgence of individuals and small collectives applying their own skills within the urban city to produce, make, manufacture and sell direct.

The workers at Studio Toogood invited visitors to see behind the scenes of their north London canal-side location to experience a modest, back-room setting. Finding the beauty in the utilitarian and the austere whilst tucking into a new take on a ploughmans, ‘The M25 Luncheon’, served up by food designers Arabeschi di Latte using ingredients gathered from within the M25, washed down with a mug of locally brewed beer.

In a bid to industrialise craftsmanship, Faye Toogood launched her latest collection of furniture: ‘BATCH’. Pieces formerly available only as limited editions have now been made accessible through small-scale production. Made in Britain. Available Worldwide.
Photography: Rory van Millingen

LOCATION: Islington, London
TYPE: Exhibition / Cafe
SCOPE: Concept Design, Detail Design, Installation, Styling
COLLABORATORS: Arabeschi di Latte (food), Laura Houseley (The Back Room Paper editor), BCMH (The Back Room Paper graphics)
NUMBERS: 8,000 visitors


The Back Room_01


The Map shows the main features of ‘The Back Room’ including the BATCH and GALLERY areas displaying Faye Toogood furniture and the workers Locker Room entrance.

The Back Room_04 The Back Room_25 The Back Room_24 The Back Room_11 The Back Room_33 The Back Room_13 The Back Room_12 The Back Room_14 The Back Room_15 The Back Room_35 The Back Room_05 The Back Room_10 The Back Room Batch_01 The Back Room Batch_02 The Back Room Batch_03 The Back Room Batch_07 The Back Room Batch_05 The Back Room Batch_06 The Back Room_17 The Back Room_20 The Back Room_18 The Back Room Luncheon_09 The Back Room Luncheon_11 The Back Room Luncheon_07 The Back Room Luncheon_01 The Back Room Luncheon_05 The Back Room Luncheon_04 The Back Room_07 The Back Room Batch_09 The Back Room Batch_08 The Back Room Batch_10 The Back Room_30 The Back Room_31