GLOBAL, 2013
ALCHEMY by Studio Toogood for ROYAL SALUTE

Alchemy, a project for Royal Salute is a series of immersive spaces – houses – that celebrate the artistry of this fine whisky. Each house represents one of the signature blends from the Royal Salute Collection; each is as individual as the blend that inspired it; each tantalises all five senses with a carefully curated mélange of sculpture, film, food and music. The result is an interactive immersion into Royal Salute whisky and the process that creates it: an art, a science – even, perhaps, a form of magic. The project started its journey in London, April 2012.

TYPE: Exhibition / Sensory Installation
TIMESCALE: 3 years
CLIENT: Royal Salute
SCOPE: Concept Design, Detail Design, Installation, Styling
COLLABORATORS: Arabeschi di Latte (food), Ryan Hopkinson (film), Goldenhum (sound)